We are excited you are here!

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to introduce ourselves. We are grateful you may be considering us as potential parents for your child.

A few years after meeting in our favorite restaurant, we were married in a small outdoor wedding, surrounded by friends and family. Soon after the wedding, we moved across the country to start our new life. We searched for the perfect town where we could build our family and grow old together. We moved to a great home in a beautiful town. We then learned we could not have a child on our own.

We believe the small mountain town in which we live will be a wonderful place to raise your child. We envision hiking on our favorite trails, teaching your child about the various plants and animals we see along the way. Surrounded by pine trees, we will camp beneath the stars and name the constellations. Our dogs will snuggle beside them in the tent as we sleep, keeping them warm throughout the night.

At home, your child will plant vegetables and collect eggs from our chickens. They will play in our half acre, fenced in yard. Your child will help Dave in his workshop, learning about woodworking and how to mend broken things. Neilee will read to your child, rocking in her chair until they fall asleep in her arms.

We hope you will read on to learn more about our life and the life we want to share with your child.

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